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This Swinging Town!

In general, public artistic intervention seeks to question, reflect, disturb, disrupt, and open for discussion the questions ‘what constitutes a sense of Place?’, and


Spotlight: George RedHawk Metamorphic Animation

Visually Impaired- Registered blind Photo Animation Artist, George Redhawk’s work attempts to recreate the vivid hallucinations that he experiences as a result of Charles Bonnet


Van Gogh - on Canvas, or the Big Screen?

Most of the best-known artists focused on one medium, or at least their best-known works were done in one medium. In our world today, mixed media has become quite common. People


Evolve With Art

We are constantly changing style, décor, attitude and ART. All these elements go hand in hand and are what define you as an Artist. Through the innovation of the online

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ShowYourArts exposes your art and reaches out to audiences within an astonishing virtual world platform displayed on the web as well as on mobile applications. All of your art can be displayed and personalised with our flexible 3D virtual gallery intuitive interface. You can post your paintings, photos, art objects (3D models through .obj format) as well as videos. Videos are displayed on a virtual TV screen in the 3D gallery.

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You can post paintings and photograghs by uploading images, art object by uploading a 3D model representation (.obj format) and music by uploading an mp3 file


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